• Pioneers in wireless data transfer - Connect was the first company to provide mobile connectivity solutions

  • C5G enables mobile computers for superior ease of use.

  • If you aren't getting subsecond response times... you need C5G

  • C5G, cloud-based mobility solutions: fast, secure, scalable, stable

For over 20 years Connect has been providing the mobile enterprise with a bridge from the past to the future. Our software future-proofs your existing WLAN capacity and our performance profiling tools clearly document exactly where the time for each round-trip transaction is being used.

In theory, each upgrade in enterprise-grade mobility technology brings with it a panacea of productivity improvements and cost reductions. The reality, however, is that upgrades are done incrementally so enterprises must roll-out new mobility technology on top of legacy applications, wireless infrastructure, mobile devices, mobile operating systems and client software. This dynamic creates unique challenges that are difficult to solve without the right kinds of solutions and expertise.

Connect offers proven solutions and expertise to enterprises struggling with these types of difficult challenges, allowing them to maximize the value of their mobile technology investments.

Check out our latest white paper and learn how to identify where productive time is being lost and how to easily get your mobile operations back on track.