AML Release Notes


Release 7.0.0


This version updates the client with the following:

1. Supports the M7140.
2. Supports the Scan objects to control the Decoder, Data mapping and Data editing on the M7100.
3. Supports Keyboard objects, Macros and Remapping.
4. Supports Airloader synchronization functionality, Program and Config files, and Config objects through Config groups.
5. Supports Screen Watcher to monitor a user's session while operating the terminal.
6. Supports Diagnostics RFMonitor from Twin Client Manager for capturing traces remotely.
7. Supports Application Reformatter for translating an existing legacy application to fit within the terminal screen area, xxminimizing or eliminating the cost of recoding the original, usually canned, application.
8. Supports Terminal Messenger to inform RF users of pending system maintenance or information message the users xxneed to know.

Note: You must have the Linux kernel version, RAM disk image version, and AML bootloader version specified below.

Linux kernel version = 2.4.19
RAM disk image version = 1.0.0
AML bootloader version = 1.2.1-DT

Linux kernel version = 2.4.17
RAM disk image version = 1.2.11pre1-32
AML bootloader version = 1.2.1-32

Contact AML for the correct kernel.