Symbol Patch Releases

Version 7.2.0h 06-18-07


Added support for: Symbol 5000, Symbol 9000 CE5, Symbol 9000 WM5

Patches CommonRF.dll for 7900 for MAC address and authorization

Updated TAPConsole.dll for 9000 WM5 to fix PF6 problem

Patches 9000 CE5 3270 to fix Scan Data Mapping problem.


Version 7.2.0e 03-06-07


Updated SymbolS24RF.dll for the 9000 WM5 to fix MAC address problem


Version 7.2.0d 02-01-07


Patches TAPConsole.dll for the 9000 WM5 to prevent PF6 from invoking the volume applet


Version 7.2.0c 01-02-07


Adds support for CE5 models 5000 and 9000

Adds support for WM5 model 9000 (requires Scan Wedge)

Patches CommonRF.dll for the 7900 to fix MAC address problem

Note: To generate a license authorization code for a model 9000 WM5 and VC5090's, select ALL instead of SYMBOL


Version 7.2.0b 03-03-06


This release fixes an Auth Code problem with Symbol 79xx.
It also adds back in the Telxon releases which had been missing in earlier patches.
It updates MC9000 DLL's.



Version 7.2.0a 11-14-05


This patch fixes pf key problems on the Symbol 9000 device with Pocket PC.
It also fixes a problem with the Symbol 3000 device in which it would not authorize.



Version 7.2.0 08-11-05


This release adds support for the Symbol MC3000 with the 38-key keyboard.



Version 7.0.2 05-10-05


This upgrades the support for the keypad on the 8840 Pocket PC.



Version 7.0.1e 03-01-05


This patch fixes a Symbol 9000 code problem with the Enter key on Pocket PC terminals. It implements additional keys on the 54-key terminal for punctuation, etc. There is an updated key map utility to reflect new keys for the 9000.


Version 7.0.1d 11-29-04


This patch adds support for Pocket PC and Windows Mobile for the Symbol 8140 terminal.



Version 7.0.1c 11-18-04


This patch fixes a problem with intermittent AirLoader operation on Symbol 9000 terminals with Pocket PC. The fix was a change to the rffiles.txt file.



Version 7.0.1b 11-04-04


This update patches the code for the Symbol 9000 terminal. It fixes a loud beep tone at startup problem, a pf key problem on Symbol 9000 terminals with PocketPC, and a decoder.txt problem.



Version 7.0.1a 07-08-04


This patch moves in version 5.0.2614.3500 of shlwapi.dll. This fixes a problem when installing TwinClient on Windows 98 that would cause Windows 98 to fail to load with an explorer.exe crash.