CVA (CloudMax)

CVA (CloudMax) software provides a mobile session management platform for telnet and web applications that have been specifically designed for real-time, mobile data collections operations. (CVA features, Manual)

Why CVA?

Every second counts!

  • Accelerates screen updates by up to 4X: Maximizes tasks completed per hour by eliminating screen refresh delays between scans.
  • Eliminates dropped sessions and dramatically reduces retransmission rates: Maximizes uptime and improves end-user satisfaction.

The Power to Evolve!

  • Enables browsers for use with telnet applications: Support any mobile device OS with your legacy application to extend its useful life by giving you access to the latest evolutions in mobile OS and device technology.

 Reduce IT costs!  

  • Provides unbiased diagnostic tools that are highly specialized for identifying root causes of defects in client-to-host transactions: Reduces time to problem resolution from months to hours, and eliminates vendor finger-pointing.
  • Significantly improves device reliability and performance, which dramatically reduces calls to the IT help desk.

CVA is highly scalable, stand-alone and agnostic to all components of your existing mobile environment; no change to your host app, RF backbone or client software is needed to install and run CVA. Packaged as a virtual appliance, it deploys in the cloud and/or on-premise with equal ease and simplicity.