FindFix is a the only cloud-based platform that quickly isolates faults and inefficiencies in mission critical RF networks.

The ability to efficiently isolate and correct unresolved pain points in mission critical systems is as important to your bottom line as fault-tolerance. These pain points can range from nagging to severe. In all cases, allowing them to go unresolved erodes productivity and increases costs.

Which faults and inefficiencies does FindFix diagnose?

  • Latency – slow response times
  • Dropped Sessions – inexplicable session time outs
  • Application Logic Errors – unresolved “bugs”
  • Operator Errors – user input errors, “Fat Fingers”

How does FindFix work?

FindFix provides a history of data-level access to the transactions taking place between the host-application and the RF devices. “Data-level access” means that the diagnostic tool provides elapsed times, in milliseconds, between data events. The content of the data is also provided.

Additionally, the process of isolating a response time issue is extremely difficult without the tools to isolate the host from the wired network, or the wireless network from the wired.