Browser Acceleration

When deploying web applications and purpose-built mobile computers into the industrial environment, the quality of the end-user experience is critical to maximizing your ROI. A high-quality experience speeds the adoption rate, reduces the demand for IT support and increases productivity.

Are you providing a quality end-user experience?

Web applications are being rapidly deployed into the industrial environment where purpose-built mobile computers are required. However, while purpose-built devices provide a much lower TCO than consumer-grade devices they do not deliver the faster, consumer-level browsing speed that end-users expect. This leads to user frustration that reduces adoption rates, increases demand for IT support and decreases productivity, resulting in a reduced ROI.

Connect’s browser acceleration technology provides you with the best of both worlds; the lower TCO of purpose-built mobile computers and the quality end-user experience of consumer-grade devices. This solution ensures that you are maximizing the ROI in your mobile assets.