Specialized Diagnostics

Connect provides highly specialized, unbiased diagnostic tools for remotely identifying root causes of defects in real-time client-to-host transactions. By pairing each client request with the corresponding host response, and providing the complete data content and timings of each transaction, this powerful tool dramatically speeds time to problem resolution.

How many thousands of hours of productivity are you losing to unresolved end-user performance complaints?

There are many hardware and software components required to complete each real-time transaction between the host app and client devices. Therefore, determining a root cause to any sort of end-user performance complaint often turns into trial and error troubleshooting efforts by each respective vendor. The process is time consuming, prone to producing many false diagnoses and often ends in unproductive vendor finger-pointing. All the while, productivity is being lost to downtime and sub-optimal performance.

Connect’s solution is an unbiased diagnostic tool that can be used by the customer or, with the assistance of an experienced Connect technician, to document each transaction. Once identified and clearly documented, the responsible vendor can then proceed to resolve the problem. This solution generally reduces time to problem resolution from months to hours.